Why you’re not converting customers online.

Can’t understand why you’re not converting customers online? This could be why

If a business is successful it will have a passionate team driving it forward. For a business to achieve its goals online, it must answer a question or offer a solution to someone’s problems.

I can imagine you’re very passionate about what you do, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be in business.

Whatever it is you do; a large proportion of your week is probably spent discussing your own business and how you can make someone’s life easier through the product or service you offer.

That in mind, have you ever thought that the reason people aren’t interacting with your website is simply because that same passion isn’t reflected on there?

I want you to load up your website and tell me what you see. If you’re selling your own unique products or services, you need to focus your website’s content on yourself, right?

Actually, you’re wrong.

For most small businesses, the bitter pill to swallow is understanding that when you’re marketing your business online, you need to stop talking about yourself.

Girl in glasses

Yes, of course it is important to provide your story and to tell people who you are. We all love a business that we can relate to.

But, when it comes to assessing your website’s value, the content on there must be accessible and it must be informative. Think about it from a search engine’s perspective.

When you’re visiting a new city abroad and you fancy a bite to eat, you use to search engines to find businesses related to your search. ‘Silvio’s’, may very well be the best Italian in town, but if Silvio’s website content doesn’t tell me about:

Special offers

  • A great tasting menu
  • Early bird deals
  • Two can dine for £20
  • Where it’s based and how to get there
  • Or, contain great reviews and testimonials

Without knowing about Silvio’s, I won’t search for ‘Silvio’s Italian Restaurant’. Think about the last time you searched online and how long you spent looking for what you needed.

Our attention spans are short, therefore the meat of your business’ website content i.e. the reason to call or take an action, needs to be bold and snappy to really grab the attention of browsers.

It’s widely believed that to achieve your goals online, whether that’s to get people to download a form, or to fill out an Email newsletter subscription, you need to focus your content on asking, what will benefit those searching?

  • Are you answering questions?
  • Are you offering me something I don’t have?
  • Are you giving people a reason why they should continue to read?
  • Or, are you waffling on about yourself?

Remember, the majority of people searching online will have never heard of you, so don’t make the mistake of talking about your business.

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