Why your business needs a website

Laurianne Dudgeon

Laurianne Dudgeon

Google processes over 3.8 billion searches per day. That’s a huge 40,000 searches per second! People are searching to find answers or to buy products and services – and your business could be the answer. 


Up until around 10 years ago, you could get away without having a website – however in this digital age – it’s detrimental to your business. 


A majority of your customers will try to search for the service you offer before making a purchase. People NEED to have enough information to make an informed decision to buy from you and a website will do just that. 


59% of the world’s population is online. That’s 4.66 billion people actively using the Internet without having to step foot inside a business. (DataReportal)


Think about this large number and how many eyes could be on your business, without ever having to step foot into your shop. Here at MNA Digital, we have helped companies of various different sizes get on board and create a website. In most cases, these businesses feel like they are not tech-savvy enough, and don’t understand how to create a website – don’t worry our friendly team will walk you through the process. 


24% of small retail businesses without a website responded that their reason for not having one was that they don’t know how to create/run a website. (Digital.com, 2021) 


There are solutions out there that will work for you, if you still need a bit of convincing read on to see the top reasons why it’s important for your business to have a website. 



One of the top reasons on why you need a website for your business is to increase credibility. The odds of businesses providing a service just like yours is very high, so you need to ensure that you stand out. And a strong way of doing this is with a website that clearly communicates quality information about what you offer, with a strong brand. If you don’t have a website, customers may question your legitimacy, and may not do business with you. 


50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand. (Top Design Firms, 2021) 


Showcase your Brand 

A website allows you to showcase your brand to your customers and is of the most important things that you can do for your business. By establishing who you are clearly on your site, you are showcasing what you are all about and what you stand for, therefore increasing the chances of your customer buying from you. Especially if you are a family business! 


Remember that this is something that will set you apart from everybody else!  


Increase Leads 

You want leads, we all want leads, and one of the best ways to do this is with a website where you can list your products to a large audience. Even if they have had a good-in-store experience, they are going to go ahead and search for your website afterwards. A website allows others to know how to contact you directly, which gives you an increased opportunity for sales. You are covering every avenue with a website, it means that you are not only selling or advertising yourselves in person, you are online. Even though websites will create a cost – they are proven to gain a large ROI when used correctly. 


65% of shoppers who have a good in-store experience are more likely to interact with the retailer online. 


Share updates and announcements 

Since your website is available 24/7, you can easily keep your customers updated about any changes or communicate with your audience – instantly. It shows that you are active online, whereas if you are only advertising your announcements through one channel, it restricts your audience. 


Works well with social media 

If you use social media to increase your leads and further build your business, you will want to drive this traffic to your website – websites and social media work hand in hand. 


If you are promoting yourselves on social media, having a website to easily link to, and vice versa will increase views on your platform, and linking to your website on social media gives your audience somewhere to go to, to see more information directly about yourselves, and what your brand is all about. 


Showcase reviews and good feedback 

A website is an excellent place to highlight positive reviews and answer any questions potential customers might have about your business. What is the point in gaining all of your great feedback if there isn’t a way to show this off? Customers will see these reviews and will be more likely to invest in your business from reading positive reviews from individuals such as yourselves. 


Websites are an essential part of business today. Remember you can always improve a website over time, there is time to shape it to what you would like to include, but it is always worth having something rather than nothing. 


Have we convinced you? 


At MNA Digital we have helped numerous businesses of varying sizes create and construct their digital presence on a website. We have helped clients such as Kennedy Publishing and Darzi Clothing Company with their websites to streamline their business.  


We strongly recommend you prioritise your website or have a good one as without one, you will have less credibility, less leads or no way to showcase your brand. 


If you need help, we’d love to discuss your website needs and share our expertise. Check out our web service and schedule a quick call with us, of if you currently have a website, and need quick health check, visit here. 

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