Why does your business need a website?

In today’s society, there are still many organisations that do not have a website. I believe that unless you are a small business owner who is not interested in growing your brand, you need to have a website. Currently, it has never been easier and will not break the bank in terms of cost. You are unrestricted in how you present yourself and is a great tool to advertise and showcase your organisation.

Firstly, having a website will mean that your products and services are clearly shown and explained. It is a valuable opportunity to display your offerings and provide important information for potential customers and existing clients. I often advise those who are deliberating to think of your company website as an updatable and adaptable showroom. There is opportunity to add video tutorials and downloadable instructions, so can help to save time and make life easier for your customer.

Your business website will also give buyers no reason to go elsewhere and you will list in Google results, which is crucial for attracting potential visitors. A recent survey discovered that 81% of consumers do online research before making a purchase, and so no website means no search results for your business. Customers start their buying journey with research and recommendations from others. When they know what they want, but not who to get it from, they look online and compare. If your competitor has a website and you don’t, who does this work in the favour of? You give shoppers a reason to buy elsewhere.

Another important point to note is that your website will attract customers who are not restricted by geography. Orders can be made from any location and this widens your customer pool immensely. Your website works when you don’t and so if your business closes at 5pm, your website remains open 24/7. Online is a tool to reach new customers and generate repeat business. You can reach thousands more potential buyers who are actively searching for your products and services. This can be done for less cost than mailing brochures and leaflets in traditional ways. Your competitors will have websites and therefore your clients will expect you to have one. Brand trust is crucial.

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