Webinar recording: Boost your sales online with Social Media Advertising

Laurianne Dudgeon

Laurianne Dudgeon

The number of social media users on a global scale grew from 4.2 billion in January 2021 to 4.62 billion in January 2022. 


Increasing social media growth gives businesses even more opportunities to connect with new audiences in different ways, and if you’re a company looking to connect with your local audience – then social media advertising is your answer. 


Social Media Advertising can bring a strong brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, increase conversion rates and ultimately build leads for your business. Advertising on social media is a user-friendly, cost-effective and customisable way to promote your products and services to millions of people at once, so what do you do next? 


We provide lots of free digital marketing resources to help businesses just like yours, and we held a webinar just last week on how you can boost your sales with social media advertising.


In our webinar, our Senior PPC Manager James Keeney-Wilson covered how paid social media campaigns can boost leads and sales, what budget is required (as much or as little as you’d like) and a demo on how to set up your first Facebook Ad Campaign. 


View our webinar recording and see for yourself on how your business can be in front of the eyes of a huge audience online.

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