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Whether you’re looking for your first role as a Web Designer, a Design Lead or you’re an experienced Developer MNA Digital is looking for you!

We want the very brightest and best Digital talent on the market in Wolverhampton, the West Midlands and Shropshire to join our growing digital business.

Current Website Team Vacancies

We currently have no vacancies at MNA Digital, however, if you’re interested in joining our Website team, please do get in touch, we love to hear from interested candidates and if you’re right for the business, we may well be able to work something out!

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Why Join MNA Digital?

At MNA Digital we have an incredible opportunity. We’re looking to leverage our existing relationships through our Express & Star and Shropshire Star brands, whilst exceeding client expectations and over delivering on service. We nurture a culture that cares about our clients, and allows smart and passionate people to add real value to small, local businesses across the region. If this sounds like you’re cup of tea, we’d love to hear from you!

Some of our benefits include

  • 25 days holiday + Bank Holidays
  • Industry training
  • Attend events throughout the year
  • Perkbox Membership
  • Free on site parking

Who is a Web Designer?

Web designers create and redesign websites and ensure that the look, features, styling and the layout of the web pages attract the attention of the desired target audience. 

The role of a web designer requires them to be creative as well as technical. They need to ensure the look and feel of a site, correctly reflects the business, it’s intended audience, and that it converts effectively.

They need to have the skills and ability to understand what is required for a website to be functional and simple to use and attract its audience.

Who is a Web Designer
Skills Required by Web Designers

Skills Required of a Web Designer

Web designer jobs don’t always require specific qualifications, however it is essential that candidates can demonstrate that they possess the relevant knowledge.

Web designers need to have strong creative abilities. Many web design trainee jobs require a natural flair for finding visual solutions to design problems and an understanding of basic search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Web designers  need to have an understanding of the key principles of user experience (UX). A website should be attractive to its target audience, so web designers must have an understanding of the way people interact with websites.

Web designers are expected to have some knowledge of web development and be able to work on the front end and back end of a website. They need to have knowledge of back end languages and possess coding ability, and the capacity to use coding software such as HTML and CSS when they function as front end designers. Proficiency in the use of design software like photoshop and illustrator is also a good skill to have.

Other competencies considered essential for good web designers include planning and organisation skills, ability to work in a team, good communication skills and an analytical mind.  

What Does a Web Designer Do

Essentially web designers create the pages on a website but they are often responsible for covering all aspects of creating a website. Here are some of their duties.

Web designers need to have the skills understand and determine the client’s technical requirements and device a plan or strategy from this analysis.

Design a website/page according to the user requirements. Ensure the overall look and layout/hierarchy is what the user is looking for.

Develop your website according to requirements. Build responsive, mobile friendly websites that are fast loading and optimised for the internet.

The need to write and edit content that will be used for the website. Web designers need to be able to place content where it will gain the most interaction.

Test websites to ensure they are error and bug free and are working as intended. It is highly crucial to test the basic functionality of your website, accessibility and adaptability before it goes live.

Update and Maintain websites as they need to be kept fresh and relevant. In order for websites to be effective they need to be up do date , which will get users coming back.

What is the Role of a Web Designer
Why become a Web Designer

Benefits of Being a Web Designer

Web designers are in high demand because many businesses now require a web presence in today’s competitive business environment. Businesses also require designers to keep their websites looking up to date. The outlook for web design jobs remain strongly positive as the demand for web designers is expected to continue to grow.

Web designers with creative ability rarely get bored because most projects encourage the use of artistic skills. Moreover, it is exciting to work on the back end of a website or in the front end because the industry changes frequently, and technology updates need to be implemented from time to time.

The average salary of web designers have been on the rise with increasing demand for web designers. Junior designers can expect to begin their career on a modest salary but with increasing experience on the job, junior designers can expect their salary to rise. With the right web design qualifications, a junior designer can expect to get promoted rapidly.

Many web design jobs make it possible to record the best work and back it up with analytics so that they can be developed into a portfolio which may then be presented as part of qualifications for securing a contract or getting a new web design job.

Experienced and trainee web designers can both benefit from keeping abreast with constantly emerging technologies and techniques as this increases employability of designers and improves the opportunity of higher salary for experienced web designers.

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