The importance of Local SEO

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Laurianne Dudgeon

Laurianne Dudgeon

Local SEO is a series of strategies designed to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines when people close to your physical location perform a search.


It uses local keyword modifiers, business directory networks, and local authoritative links to build credibility in a chosen location for specific keywords.


Who is Local SEO for?

Local SEO is for any business that has a physical location or serves a set geographic area. For example, restaurants and shops should be using Local SEO to expand the reach of their business. Additionally, companies that travel to their customers such as construction workers and locksmiths will benefit greatly from Local SEO to reach their audience in the location that they operate within.


Why are Local SEO Services important for your business?

If you are a small business, the chances are high that you are looking to attract local prospective customers in your local area. Local SEO offers a targeted approach, positioning your business in front of local people that are interested in what you do when they’re searching and looking to buy in the local area.


Local SEO tips for small businesses

Website Localisation – Ensure that you reference your city, country or even region name throughout your site. If your company has several locations, you may wish to reference all of them to ensure that customers are directed to the correct place. It’s also worth a thought on why users from that area would want to engage with your business.


Citation Building – It is important that you feature on citation sites and local business directories to make sure that customers are able to find your business. Don’t forget to feature your company name and contact details to give you a little search engine ranking “boost”.


Claim your Google My Business listing – Ensure that you include as much detail about your business as you can on your Google My Business listing. This includes: accurate business hours, photos, and a link to your website!


Get into your customers shoes – Think about what your ideal customers will search for and from that identify local keywords. This will enable you to tailor your content so that they are more likely to purchase from you.


Get savvy on social – Using social media to your advantage will increase your prominence. It will enable you to start conversations that will land the spot on Google local listings.


If you’re looking to boost traffic to your website, increase leads and build trust and loyalty, local SEO is here to help.


For more information on local SEO and how it can help your business check out our specialist SEO services.

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