The future of social media

Laurianne Dudgeon

Laurianne Dudgeon

Social media networks are becoming more and more popular by the minute, as more than 80% of the world with access to the internet are users of social media! This is still expected to grow over time. 


In previous years, we were happy to receive comments and friend requests from friends and family, now it has been so engrained within all of our daily lives we can promote services, businesses and buy products and goods. 


Many companies use social media to communicate with their customers and to promote their business through difference social media platforms. With the vast number of changes happening in a digital world – what will happen next?  


The rise of social media networks 

Social media platforms are not just creating coverage for your brand where you can promote your services directly, it is now becoming easier and easier to conduct direct sales through your platforms. For example, you can now buy products straight through Instagram, Whatsapp and TikTok.  


With the rise of mobile users, advertising can be used for specific types of targeting using these devices to increase spontaneous purchases. Every business needs a consistent content to grow and strengthen your SEO on top of social traffic. 


The rise of mobile devices 

Nearly 95% of all social media users access their favourite channels on mobile devices, and as social networks have ad formats specifically for this, mobile advertising will continue to become even more popular. There has already been a slow decline of PC and desktop users in recent years, and now mobile devices will continue to rise in popularity. 


Visual content on social networks 

Video and visual information has always been more popular than standard text. Visual content is rising faster than any other type of content with the huge increase of platforms like TikTok that offer small quick snippets of video, and a newsfeed that is personalised to your tastes over time.  


These features are pivotal in the development of social media marketing, as reaching your target audience is easier than ever. 



If you have an online business then chatbots are one of the most beneficial tools. They can have a wide range of features, for example: displaying a product gallery to encourage purchases, answer simple FAQ’s and find a location of a service. They will soon be taking over the digital world. 


Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is on the rise fast, and with the huge amount of advertising online that is on everyone’s screens it is refreshing to see a person sharing a product with us as it doesn’t really feel like advertising at all, strengthening the personal connection. 


Local Content 

Looking to buy something but you can’t find anywhere that sells locally? Local brand social media pages will be on the rise, as it increases the option for businesses to communicate with individuals on a personal level. For example, Instagram has implemented location pages meaning that it is easy to search and explore local products. 


There is a whole host of aspects that are on the rise for social media and businesses must keep up in a changing digital world.  


James Keeney-Wilson, our Senior PPC Manager states that “No one can predict how social media is going to change in a large span such as 5-10 years’ time, nor would it truly benefit a business to start thinking up a social media campaign now to be used in that time period.  


I think the most reasonable approach is to keep pace with the changes and trends as they happen, adapting your marketing strategy to the constantly evolving online world.  


Fundamentally, the key to this as I see it is, don’t be scared to try new features or platforms, test them on a smaller scale where possible, learn what you can about them to improve your skills or performance and then scale up where you can.” 


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