Small businesses can stand out from the crowd with video.

It can be tough to get noticed online. Andy Hill takes a look at how small businesses using video stand out from the crowd.

In an ever changing market it is getting harder to stand out from competitors online, but it can be done. Small businesses using video are reaping the rewards online, with increased engagement and audience growth.

Small businesses using video

Everyone is Tweeting, everyone is blogging but what can businesses do to reach even more people? What can they do that’s different to shout about their products or services in 2017?

The answer is simple; video.

By creating a video you can share it on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as having it embedded on your website.

Don’t be afraid to tell real stories, rather than thinking it must have Hollywood style production values. A survey carried out by The Drum showed that 71% of businesses said their video conversation rate was higher than any other form of media they used.

You have the raw material to tell a great story on the real life accounts of how people have benefited from your products or services.

How you can use video for your business

Here’s a great local example of small businesses using video, is a campaign MNA Digital has created for Motor Market based in Cradley Heath.

Their video campaign is no longer than a minute and a half and tells customers or interested buyers exactly what they need to hear. In a video like this, you can show products and give compelling marketing messages.

With this, we also included subtitles of the voice over script so it can be watched by the large number of web users who view video without sound. The majority of videos on Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram are watched without volume.

If your video is unpolished, people will be able to relate to your company’s authenticity rather than a dream image.

Filming your message in short chunks also makes them ideal to share on social media.

You also have to make sure the videos are mobile friendly as most people do their internet browsing using a Smartphone or tablet.

And the good news is you don’t have to create the video yourself if you are unsure of what should go in video, there are professionals out there who can create an effective video.

Creating video for local businesses

Video is a powerful way to promote your business, so why not capture some of the stories you see every day and let people see the good work you do.

Here at MNA Digital we pride ourselves on producing high quality, professional videos to suit your budget. Find out more about how we can help your business make the most of video marketing, by speaking to a member of our team on 01907 319730 or requesting a call back here.

Not sure if video works for your business?

MNA Digital have put together a video with our top tips and tricks for video marketing, and how it can benefit small businesses. You can view the free guide to video marketing here.

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