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Websites should be designed and developed to make them SEO friendly. This makes it easier for Search Engines to crawl them. You should think about UX when designing websites as search engines not only want to be able to provide the best results but also the best experience.

What are the Basics of Having Friendly SEO Websites?

Having an SEO friendly website means that search engines can crawl all the website’s pages efficiently.

Here are some of the characteristics you should expect from SEO friendly websites.

Unique Content

When you want to attract visitors to your websites, you will need to provide them with informative, unique and quality content. It is one of the most important aspects of you website. Content you publish should be relevant to your website as it will have a better chance of ranking higher within the Search Engine results.

Content should not be duplicated as Search Engines will find it difficult to decide what content to show for a query.

Content can be in the form of text, videos and images.

In addition to providing unique content, it will also be important to provide a logical hierarchy to your content. You should aim to organize the content to make it easy for people to read and find what they are looking for.

UX and SEO Working together

UX Design

If a visitor cannot navigate your website easily, chances are they will most likely leave. It is important to understand that most website users simply scan your page looking to find something that interests them. If they do not find what they want within a short period, they will exit. This will increase you bounce rate.

Therefore when designing website you need to think about the UX and SEO. Elements of UX are now considered when the best practices for SEO are talked about. Elements such as if your website mobile friendly, fast and secure.

You may think of SEO as a way to target search engines, while the UX targets your visitors.

There are a number of Website platforms available that you can use to create and customise your websites such as WordPress and Magento.

Loading Speed of the Website

One of the factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking sites is their page loading speed. This means that sites that load faster will be ranked higher by the search engine than those that load slowly. When a site loads slowly, most users are likely to be out off and leave the website.

In addition, with mobile first indexing and the increased use of mobile devices to access content means that speed is of paramount importance. Mobile page speed is now a ranking factor within mobile search results.

If you have website platforms such as WordPress or Magento which may require plugins, it is important to make sure they work seamlessly and do not affect the speed of your site.

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Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendliness

Another ranking factor that affects websites is mobile friendliness.  Mobile phones are being used more and more now to access websites. Google now rates sites according to how mobile friendly they are. It is thus becoming imperative for websites that conduct business and generate leads online to have a mobile responsive site. The site should work the same way on a mobile and tablet as it does on a desktop.

A responsive site is one that changes its dimensions and styling based on the device being used to access it. It should respond accordingly to the needs of a user.

Linking Pages

Google has been using links as an important factor when it comes to ranking pages.

When designing websites, it is important to have pages that are internally linked to one another. This is to keep the user engaged with your website longer. Internal links can be used as a CTA that can encourage users to read or learn more about a certain topic.

Adding External links to credible or authoritative sources can help improve the credibility and improve the authority of your website.

Titles and Meta Descriptions

It is important to take full advantage of the character limits for the meta descriptions and tags of your content. This is to ensure you maximize the chances of your content showing up when customers carry out a search query. It is also important to add alt tags to images on your website.

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