SEO Training – Tips and Guidelines

Many people still find the concept of SEO a bit confusing and this is why SEO Training is a brilliant way to better understand and improve your search engine visibility.

Read some tips and guidelines below from our industry experts.

SEO Tips and Guidelines to Grow Organic Traffic

Picking the right keywords is very important. Keyword research will help in creating content that users are actively searching for. These keywords can be used within the contents title tags.  Select keywords that have a high search volume.

Creating high quality content ranks better in search engines and this drives more Organic Traffic. Content should be well written, free of grammatical errors and engaging to readers. There’s a great chance that quality content will not only be read but be shared across the web.

Structure your website so that it is easy for users and also search engines to read. Having a good structure will help your website rank high within Search Engines.

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Mobile friendly websites rank higher for search queries via mobile devices. Google now prioritizes mobile friendly websites. As you may already know majority of users now browse using mobile devices or tablets hence why it is extremely important.

Website speed in an important factor. Your website should load within the first 3 seconds as users tend to exit websites that take longer to load. Compressing images and optimising files will increase the websites overall performance.

Link Building is a crucial part of SEO. Having good inbound backlinks is a measure of relevance by Google.  Google will see your website as having quality if it has been linked to many times by other pages.

Difference Between On Page and Off Page Optimisation?

On page and off page optimisation work very well together to improve search engine rankings so it is not about which one you should consider doing.

When we speak of on page optimisation, we speak of techniques used within a website in order to improve its ranking in search engines. On page optimisation involves technical SEO as well as content optimisation. SEO techniques such as optimising content, titles, meta descriptions, images, URLs, links and mobile friendliness are all involved.

When we speak about off page optimisation, we speak of techniques used externally to your website to promote your website across the web. Link building is at the center of this technique. Keep in mind that quality relevant links will boost your website’s authority and search rankings, while low quality spam links will have the opposite effect. Other techniques include outreach, guest blogging, social media marketing.

On Site & Off Site Optimisation

From Keyword Research to Link Building Opportunities

Keyword research, content strategy and link building are essential pillars in modern SEO. These techniques are tightly woven together, and you’ll typically work of all three fronts simultaneously. Here’s a breakdown of what each step involves:

Keyword research

It’s all about locating strategic words and phrases related to your intended niche. This is usually the very first step in any SEO campaign, since you can’t start optimising your website until you know what to optimise it for! By carrying out keyword research, you’ll develop a working understanding of what your potential audience is, you’ll be able to estimate the traffic potential, determine how profitable the niche could be, and you’ll get a notion of the specialized keywords and phrases which are particular to the demographics in question.

Content Strategy is vital for SEO

Content Strategy

Armed with all this information gathered from while researching keywords, you will thus start to articulate your content strategy.

Based on the information you gather during the initial stage, you’ll devise an action plan and establish a schedule as well as deciding how to best articulate the content you will create to target a segment of the market.

Typically this involves a multi-layered approach that should include a base website, a blog, and several social media satellites all pointing back to your website.

Link Building

Once you have established a content strategy based on the information gathered while researching keywords, you can then proceed to start sourcing the actual content that will be written around the keywords and phrases you’ve shortlisted. This means both the content that will go inside the website, as well as the content that will be used during outreach campaigns.

More often than not, all your link building efforts will revolve around publishing high quality articles in relevant websites, featuring self-serving links that will convey some authority to your web page.

Content is king, in the realms of digital marketing – but promotion is queen! You will have to master techniques covering both sides and working dynamically together, if you hope to make any real impact in the digital marketing industry.

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