Effective Tools for Successful SEO

What are the most effective SEO Tools available at the moment? The SEO industry is a minefield and with more tools and programmes than it is ever possible to use. Tools used for research, analysing competitors, analytics etc. SEO, or Search Engine Optimizaion, is the process of using keywords and strategies in order to ensure your website is high in search engine rankings, so that your sites get the hits rather than your competitors’ sites.

We will explore and describe some of the best SEO tools and how they can help you with SEO for your website.

SEO Backlink Checker Tool


Ahrefs is a paid SEO tool that is second in line to Google with regards to access to date, so despite the fees, it is one of the biggest and most popular web crawler tools in the world. The site allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your site and compare your backlinks with your competitors, allowing you to strengthen your site.

They offer rank tracking, web monitoring, competitor analysis, and keyword and backlink tracking. Ahrefs offer 24 hour customer support, private social media community,and extensive learning materials for their tools. They are used by numerous very high profile and high presence companies.

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Yoast is a plugin that has more than a million users. It can be used to increase your search engine optimisation, and is considered the best free SEO plugin for WordPress Users.

They offer numerous paid and premium plugins to assist your traffic building. These plugins factor in readability, keyword optimisation, meta data and breadcrumb control. The premium version takes this further and takes control of internal links, insights into your content, managing redirects and support.

Yoast’s premium plugin is an essential for most in SEO, the insight gained is well worth the one off fee.

WordPress SEO Plugin, Yoast.
Analytics SEO tool

Google Analytics

This is one of the best known digital tools and it’s free for the basic version. The tool offers a comprehensive view of traffic to your website and what parts of your site or traffic feeds are performing well or badly.

Google Analytics is used by all different sizes of businesses and enterprises. The tools include overviews of referring sites, profiles of site viewers, such as age, location, interests, pageviews, time spent on you site, what pages are viewed, new and returning visitors, browsers, operating systems and service providers, and more.

You can create custom reports or see the weekly or daily reports with Google Analytics, the site is very versatile. This SEO and analytical tool is also ideal for smaller business or personal website use.


Moz is an extremely popular SEO tool, aside from tools to complement an SEOs strategies, they also offer SEO services, some free but most for a fee, although there is a 30-day free trial.

On their website, there are two main product choices, you can be added to their business listings, which will boost your online presence, or you can opt for their complete SEO package.

This site is always up to date and with customer services chat onsite and is very user-friendly.

Moz offers full analysis of your website performance and advises any steps needed to improve parts of your site, they also offer analysis of your competitors’ sites and where they are performing well with keywords, backlinks and more, giving you the insight to improve your website.

Improve your SEO with MOZ
Track your website with Google Search Console

Google Search Console/Google Trends.

Console is a free service by Google that enables you to monitor and improve your web presence. Google Search Console enables you to see what searches bring traffic to your site, what sites are linking to your site and what information is found by the searches. It also gives information on site performance.

You can connect your Google Analytics account with the console making it simple to analyse your data and performance.

Google Trends is another free service that enables you to see what the trending searches are, internationally, regionally or sub-regionally, for example news, celebrities and events, and thus use the keywords for topics to draw traffic to your own site.

Agency Analytics

This useful analytics tool offers automated marketing reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to suit the needs of your business, for example you can track the age range, demographics and referring sites and other useful site traffic information for your site, while you can also keep an eye on keywords and statistics, as well as get site audits to see what is performing well and what is not doing so well.

Agency Analytics can connect to your SEO tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc. It also offers extensive management tools for your online business or agency, and has online customer services chat facilities. This is a fee-paying site but prices start low, and there is a free trial available.

SEO Reporting Tool
Keyword Research Tool

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a freemium and fee-paying tool with various packages, it has become very popular recently. The service focuses on competitor research and uses at least 20 methods to research competitors, including seeing which of their backlinks, keywords and content are performing best.

The analytics are comprehensive and cover pretty much everything you would need as a planner for improving your SEO and traffic to your site. Everything from backlinks to research and reports, from analysis to keyword checking. SEMRush is a truly comprehensive tool.

Give it a try with the adjacent interactive widget.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO spider tool is available in a free basic version or premium paid-for version, the free version is comprehensive enough to be useful to many site owners, while the comprehensive version allows unlimited URL crawling.

The main feature of Screaming Frog is it’s crawling agent, which provides actionable insight into the URL’s contained within your site. We use Screaming Frog for small-medium sites that may suffer from duplicate content, http to https protocol inconsistencies and missing alt text, amongst various other elements.

An alternative to Screaming Frog for very large sites is deepcrawl, if you’ve hit a CPU limit with Screaming Frog, deepcrawl is a cloud based service, that although more expensive, delivers on a larger scale for more URLs and operates in the background.

SEO Spider Tool
How fast is your website?

Google Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed Insights is a free google tool that allows you to monitor how quickly your pages are loaded, and can highlight parts of your site that load more slowly, it offers advice and insights which enable you to act to improve page loading speeds and thus optimize site performance and traffic. Compare your results against your competitors and see how you fare.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest

This is a completely free keyword tool. Considered an alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner. If you are looking for comprehensive data on certain keywords, this SEO tool enables you to research unlimited keywords and find out specific information on those keyword searches, from volume to demographics and all the other possibilities.

Ubersuggest gives you an edge on how successful these keywords can be for you.

Ubersuggest, the Free Keyword Tool
Link Intelligence Tool for SEO

Majestic SEO

Majestic is a premium SEO tool. It has varying price plans to suit your needs. The services on offer are comprehensive and all about traffic and the tool itself is popular for backlink research. Everything you could possibly need to know about your site traffic and its origin, language and interests is available here.

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