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Every business needs SEO services, that’s no secret. But many people don’t really understand what SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is, or exactly why they need it. What exactly does SEO do to benefit your business’s website? Should you hire a firm or consultant to do these types of jobs for you?

So what is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is SEO from a company’s point of view? Put simply, search engines do two things: first they crawl and index the billions of pages, documents, videos, news, files and other media on the web. This means that they look at all of it, and build an index of websites ranked according to relevance. Secondly, they provide answers to queries made by users – your customer base. They do this by checking the query against their index, and returning the most relevant and popular websites as suggestions.

Search engine optimisation, then, is the practice of making adjustments to your website which will push it further up the ranks when people make related searches on Google or Bing. This may sound simple, but doing this with any degree of success means having an excellent understanding of how exactly search engines work, and the type of algorithms they use to index websites.

Visibility on the internet can absolutely make or break a business, which is why SEO is so crucial to success to any firm. With competing companies taking full advantage of every opportunity to reach their customers, if you don’t do the same you can end up getting left behind. Whether you choose to hire a freelancer or go to an established firm, if you’re at all unsure about your internet presence you should definitely consider hiring a consultant to help you.

While it is absolutely possible to learn SEO yourself, it is incredibly time-consuming. If you have a business to run at the same time, DIY is probably not the best solution for you. The returns to your business from hiring a freelancer or an agency to do it for you are incredible, and with much less time and effort spent on your part.

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Services Offered for SEO

If – like most business owners – you don’t have time to learn how to optimise your website effectively, it’s much better to hire a company with their own SEO experts who can come in and do it for you. Our agency can offer a range of SEO services, to suit all budgets. Whether you need ongoing, monthly management or a one-off overhaul to improve your business’s ranking, consulting a specialist from our team will deliver fantastic results.

Our Services: An Experts In-depth Look

We offer a number of specialist agency services that can help you take control of your search engine rankings and the internet presence of your company. We can tailor our program to suit you, and do as much or as little as you want or need. Here’s a quick breakdown of services our company offers, and the types of jobs we can do for you. We offer much more than simply tweaking your keyword strategy!

What are our SEO Services?

SEO Audit

Our Specialist auditing team will compile a technical SEO audit which will give us – and you – a good working picture of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you identify problem areas, such as site speed or duplicated content that could be holding you back in the rankings. We can then work on those areas, tackling the easiest ones first in order to bring you the best results.

Backlink Analysis

Links matter, so as part of our audit experts will look at all the sites that link to yours and make recommendations for those that should be removed. We will also make suggestions for target websites to get you much better quality links in order to improve traffic to your site. Making sure that you are associated with the right brands and websites will help to improve your reputation as well as increase hits on your site.

Keyword Analysis

Though they are not the only factor in SEO success, keywords are important. We will perform an in-depth keyword analysis in order to produce the best and most relevant keywords which will attract the most traffic. A consultant will do this by working with you to fully understand your goals and your target audience, to make sure you’re hitting all the right notes. Making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for is all important when it comes to conversion and time spent on your website.

Websites should be Mobile Friendly

Improved Usability

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter, and simply stuffing your website with keywords and phrases is no longer enough to boost your ranking. In fact, Google themselves recommend that you create content aimed at users, rather than at search engines. If it’s popular with your audience, it’ll be popular with Google too! We will help you improve user experiences on your site which will help convert more visitors into customers and clients. Not only that, but we can help you improve your users’ experiences on mobile, too.

Conversion Optimisation

Many of the hits on your site will be from people who are already interested in your product or service. If your conversion rate is low – in other words, if a low number of people who visit your site ultimately end up becoming customers – we can help you identify the reason for this and correct it. If a user doesn’t see what they expected to see on a page, they are very likely to leave without searching further. Making content on each page more relevant can help reduce your bounce rate – the rate at which people leave your site after visiting only one page.

Social Media Strategies

We will help you build brand awareness on the internet and can offer training in the most optimal use of social media to engage your target audience and encourage them to follow your accounts and share your content. In a world where Twitter and Facebook reign supreme, it’s essential that you harness social media platforms to get your brand and message out to as many people as you can. If you can make it engaging, then people will want to share your content – which is free advertising for you.

No matter what type of service you need, our experts can help you to beat out other companies and reach your target audience much more quickly and effectively. Give us a call to discuss your project, and see what we can do for you.

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