SEO Reporting

What is an SEO Report? An SEO report gives an insight into how a website is performing within search engines.

SEO reporting is a great way of letting clients and other stakeholders know how your SEO Campaigns are performing and what has been done to improve them.

Importance of SEO Reporting

Businesses want to determine how much they spend on SEO and if it is making substantial returns. SEO reporting helps the user identify how their websites are performing in regards to traffic and visibility.

An SEO Report is a great tool to evaluate all the work you have done for the campaign. You can measure your results against your marketing goals and discover if they are returning expected results. If they are not the report will highlight areas that require improvement.

Your report should include the following metrics:


Reporting traffic is a key element of SEO Reports. View how your website traffic has performed over a period. It is important to monitor what source your traffic comes from, it could be from organic, direct, referral, social, paid, display or email channels.

Compare traffic sources from different time periods. This will help you discover how well or not your SEO strategy is working overtime and where you should be spending time and money to improve results.

Organic Traffic Metrics
Monitor your Rankings

Keyword Rankings

Keyword ranking remains a crucial SEO KPI for many businesses. Tracking keywords is a great way to discover how you are performing on search engines.

View metrics such as the top performing keywords by clicks, click-through rate and impressions. The resulting data will allow users to create a strategy for improving keywords.

See how rankings change over time and compare keyword ranking positions from previous time periods.

Landing Pages

Reporting on your most important landing pages is important when it comes to SEO Report. These are the first pages users see when they arrive on a website. How users engage with these pages is a key optimising strategy. You can view your most effective landing pages when it comes to attracting users to your website and apply the same strategy on the least effective pages.

View your top rated landing pages based on metrics such as number of visits, visit by a device, visit by a channel and new or returning visitors over a period of time.

Top Landing Pages
User Site Engagement

Site Engagement.

Site engagement are metrics used to monitor and measure how users are interacting with your website. Users spending a long time on the site and viewing multiple pages indicates that the website is providing the information they may be looking for. Meaning the website is drawing in quality traffic.

Essential metrics used to check up a site’s engagement include the bounce rate, average session duration and the average number of pages per session. The bounce rate refers to the percentage of people leaving the site within the first 10 seconds without visiting other pages. The average session duration is the amount of time the visitor spends on the site and the average time highlights the average number of pages the visitor views every session.


Conversions are the ultimate goal of your website and is an important metric for SEO Reporting. Conversion can take many forms depending on the goals and objectives of your business. Actions taken by a user such as filling out a contact form, buying a product, downloading a resource, subscribing to a blog etc, are classified as conversions.

Tracking conversions will allow you to find problems with your SEO Strategy. You can use conversions to see what is working well and replicate that to the ones that aren’t converting.

Goal Conversions
Backlinks Overview

Backlink Overview

Link building is a significant challenge for SEO thus, providing a backlink overview in your SEO report is an opportunity to communicate its importance to clients.

View the number of backlinks the site has gained for the clients, the quality of the links, number of links lost, top anchor texts and the new traffic brought by the links based on the client’s objective.


So what exactly makes a good SEO report. First of all the report needs to be created so that it is easy to read and understand. SEO is already complicated so remember not all clients will have the same technical SEO knowledge as you.

A great SEO report should always summarise the key data from your campaigns. It needs to show the client exactly what work has been done during the course of the month and the reasons behind it.

The report should show any issues, fluctuations and provide actionable ways to improve the campaign. So it needs to turn problems into opportunities and errors into fixes.

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