SEO Prices and Packages

Companies charge extortionate SEO prices, or the cheapest of the cheap, we believe we have an affordable and most importantly great value-for-money service!

We offer a range of SEO packages. So whether you’re a plumber, a double glazing specialist, or a nation-wide builder we have a package that will suit your needs and budget!

Local SEO Package

Our Local SEO Package offers a very targeted online marketing strategy. This is for companies that want to grow within their local market and generally get footfall into their store, or have people contacting them right there and then.

Due to that, we place a great emphasis on local listings and creating a listing for Google my business. Make your business stand out and get your business in front of potential customers.

We also work on long-tail, specialised and location-based keywords in order to get your website ranking for those searching for your service within your location. As these keywords are normally low competition, it takes less resources than more competitive keywords.

To discuss our Local SEO package please schedule a Free 15 minutes consultation.

Regional SEO Package

The regional package is ideal for businesses looking to target beyond a single region. Regional targeting usually comes with its own unique challenges and therefore it is wise to select a professional agency. Search Engines will generally return different results for different locations.

Within this package, location specific optimisaton will be carried out. Your website will get listed in regional directories which in turn will pass on local traffic.

Regional Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword research as well as competitor research will be carried out to discover search terms you are missing out on within targeted regions. With all the data obtained we can then create a strategy to get your website ranking for these terms.

We will create regional links, as a good portion of ranking is due to its link structure. Remember it is crucial for your business to be consistent across all your targeted locations

To discuss our Regional SEO package please schedule a Free 15 minutes consultation.

National SEO Package

The national package is our most complete package and is  ideal for a nation-wide company, or an online-based business looking to expand and dominate. With this package you get the services listed above, as well as the added extra perks that it takes to rank a website at this level!

We create separate multiple listings for your business to rank locally within certain areas. We will target keywords in your niche in order to get ranking. Build landing-pages for locations and optimise for localised search terms. We will claim all your Google Profiles.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that ranking and gaining visibility on a national level is not an instant process.  This is mainly due to the competition as your business will be going head to head with business on a higher level.

SEO at this level can take a fair amount of time, and it should be looked at as a marketing investment.

To discuss our National SEO package please schedule a Free 15 minutes consultation.

National Search Engine Optimisation

Monthly Retainers

SEO prices and packages vary and while our bespoke packages may include hourly consultations or project-based pricing, we feel monthly retainers are the best option for you and us!

Monthly retainers mean a straight-forward price for our services so that you’re able to budget better, as well as enabling us to budget for the amount of resources we’re using in working with you.

We also believe that monthly retainers are the fairest way to charge SEO prices that create long-term strategies that are up-front with their costs and results.

The Right Package

So which one is the right package for you? All of our packages deliver results. Your package will depend on a number of things such as budgets, targets, keywords, competition and goals.

How long will this take? For SEO to take effect depends on a number of things. Factors such as the age of the website, how much previous SEO or if any has been done on the website, the current technical state of the website, the quality or amount of content and the back link profile. SEO is not instant and takes time.

You can view a complete breakdown of what each package involves on our SEO page.

Get in touch with us to see if we can get you on the right package, we believe our affordable SEO prices are some of the fairest in the UK sector, though it’s worth bearing in mind, the cheapest usually doesn’t mean good value-for-money!

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