Keeping Up With the Latest SEO News

Stay ahead of the game with all the latest SEO News.

Are you involved in content marketing or any kind of Internet marketing for your brand? Then you should be aware that SEO changes all the time and you need to keep up to date with all the SEO news such as Google Algorithm updates.

What’s Google’s Role in SEO?

Google as you may already know is the most popular search engine around and plays a huge part in getting traffic that you desire for your website.

Your website will get higher organic rankings if Google deems it as valuable using the Rank Brain Algorithm.

Google regularly roll out many updates to these Algorithms to provide the best and relevant results for search engine queries. It is highly important to keep up to date with these updates by checking out the latest SEO news..

Google Algorithm Update

How To Attract The Search Engines With Content

If you have a blog attached to your business website, it’s a great way to get the word out about your product. But unless you get your content out there, who will read it? So attracting the attention of the search engines is vital.

That’s why content writers are always watching out for the latest SEO news and updates. Everyone wants to be on top of their game. Content should add value, whatever its size. Remember the adage? Write for the audience, not for the search engines.

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How To Attract Search Engines With Keywords

It’s one of those eternal truths. People use search engines by typing in certain words. You must discover what words and terms people use when searching for your product or brand. If you can slip those words comfortably into your content, you’ve got it made. Your content will appear on top of the Search Engine Results Pages when searchers type in your keywords.

Keywords and key phrases shouldn’t appear too often. There was a time when Google rewarded keyword density with higher ratings. Unfortunately, it led to a situation where there was rubbish content all over the Internet. A few algorithm updates later, Google changes its tactics. They started to penalise content for what’s now known as ‘keyword stuffing’. Keywords and key phrases (long-tail keywords) should fit seamlessly into content.

How To Keep Up With SEO News

To keep up with the latest SEO and marketing news, you can read and subscribe to our blog section which is regularly updates by experts form the industry.

There are other sources you can subscribe to for updates such as, Search Engine Round Table, Search Engine Land, Neil Patel and the Moz Blog.

Latest Search Engine Marketing News

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