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SEO Jobs at MNA Digital

Whether you’re looking for your first SEO Job or you’re an experienced search engine optimisation vacancy, MNA Digital is looking for your skills!

We want the very brightest and best SEO talent on the market in Wolverhampton, the West Midlands and Shropshire to join our growing digital business and advance your career. When available we will have a range of manager, executive and assistant vacancies.

Current SEO Vacancies

We currently have no SEO Jobs at MNA Digital, however, if you’re interested in joining our SEO team, please do get in touch, we love to hear from interested candidates. If  you have the right skills and you’re right for the business, we may well be able to work something out!

SEO Jobs

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Why Join MNA Digital?

At MNA Digital we have incredible career opportunities within SEO. We’re looking to leverage our existing relationships through our Express & Star and Shropshire Star brands, whilst exceeding client expectations and over delivering on service. We nurture a culture that cares about our clients, and allows smart and passionate people to add real value to small, local businesses across the region. If this sounds like you’re cup of tea, we’d love to hear from you!

Some of our benefits include

  • 25 days holiday + Bank Holidays
  • Industry training
  • Attend events throughout the year
  • Perkbox Membership
  • Free on site parking

SEO Jobs in West Midlands: The Beauty of Being an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is an integrated creation and presentation of web pages for easy identification by search engines. It is a multifaceted procedure that involves engineering and technology to make the presentation more discoverable. It also involves the use of relevant words to describe experiences, behaviours and concepts. This combination drives online visibility and has a direct relationship with sales and growth.

The emergence of e-commerce and digital media has revolutionised how business and information sharing is being run, besides creating jobs. The expansion in technology has significantly improved the consumption base of information. Such facts have raised the demand for SEO jobs. Information shared can be used for both education and entertainment purposes. This basis makes an information technology graduate one of the most sort executive. A Search Engine Optimizer has an added advantage as he is the technician and brand executive that classify, improve and present the information in a refined format for consumption.

Why Choose SEO as a Career?

Why choose SEO as a career option
  • This is an information technology era with specialisation as an overriding factor in IT jobs. SEO jobs have since been separated form website management into a stand-alone profession. The emergence of online marketing and electronic commerce has destined SEO one of the prime careers.
  • The pioneers of SEO have made a fortune for themselves. This shows a lifeline in this profession and proves that it is a worthy investment. It can be pursued as an independent contractor or working in an establishment. Since being an SEO expert is an added advantage, a junior SEO expert earns more compared to designers or marketers.
  • The investment and attention conferred to SEO jobs have made it get recognised as a career. As the sophistication deepens, there are course manuals and exams. They give the background, dynamics and operationalisation of the systems. These guidelines institutionalise the profession, making it a career.
  • SEO combines other careers like literature, philosophy and languages. Before, this was a reserve of marketing and advertising gurus. Over time, the business logic, mode of presentation and the keywords became a major part of business information dissemination; which is the modern day SEO. An IT graduate with practical knowledge on SEO, marketing, advertising and logic is more valuable than a head of department who has over 10 years of experience in traditional marketing.
  • As technology keeps diversifying, so does the profession. Coding is intensive; therefore relaying information becomes more sophisticated, not as a virtue, but as a security measure. This opens new avenues for continuous self interview. It is even more than web designing and administration.
  • Organisations who have heavily invested in their online platforms as the face of their business, know that the key to being noticed online is by getting an expert who understands how online visibility is handled. It is ignorant to assume that all web designers have SEO skills. The head of marketing department has a full time junior digital marketer who helps improve online presence. Such a person is indeed more marketable and valuable.

Steps to Follow in Search Engine Optimisation

If it is an interview, the interviewee should give context and concept, as explained below.

  1. Research. – capture the theme and get to know the consumer of the information. This action is best understood through intensive research. Take down the keywords of the blog post; words or phrases that are used frequently which help drive the core message of the product.
  2. Site design is then undertaken, carefully planning the pages where these keywords can be easily identified. It is then preceded by website creation. Here, the services of an assistant, says a web designer, are needed. The keywords should be evenly spaced and the more detailed or long words to be handled in blog posts and at the Frequently Asked Question section.
  3. After the website is set, content can be produced on a regular basis. Indeed, consistency and frequent use of the keywords makes the experience easier. It is also advisable to choose a well-conversant topic, both in understanding and research.
  4. Create accounts on Google+ and any other social media site. Popular ones are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They increase traffic on the site and can act as an organic source of followers amongst friends. They are also beneficial as they increase the visibility of the site which is a good factor in SEO development.
  5. Endeavour to understand google analytics. These are programs that Google uses to quantify the type of information considered useful. Technically, they are a set of algorithms that are used to analyse key wordings, unique content and systematic coherence of the post. These analyses are the backbone of digital marketing financial reporting, in case monetisation of the content is a probability.
  6. Add more knowledge on SEO and its components. This is a good learning experience that helps to keep updated on the emerging trends in digital marketing. There are online tutorials, professional posts and interactive websites like the Google’s Webmaster. These media offer informative information on trends, upgrades and consultancy services.

Opportunities Available for SEO Specialists

Experts in Search Engine Optimisation.

The growing online community has created vacancies in SEO services. Different sectors employ SEO specialist with a different job title to suit their needs. The backbone is the analytics skills. Below are some of the responsibilities attached to SEO jobs:-

  • Social Media Manager – they are tasked with developing content on the product essential to the consumers using social media platforms.
  • Business Development Manager – the main role is to help the organisation gain more clients. They use both the conventional ways and social media to converse, analyse, and customise information for the market.
  • Web Designer – he or she uses the technical and creative ways to create a robust website and make it user-friendly to increase traffic.
  • Business Analyst – the informatics gathered from the platform helps the analyst to interpret business phenomena. He or she participates in the creation and modification of the business IT infrastructure.
  • Public Relations – the work of a publicist is to use the available information to analyse and enhance business situations. The response gathered from consumers and other stakeholders are harnessed to build the organisation’s reputation.
  • Blogger – this is a specialist whose service is researching, conceptualising, writing and promoting content on his or her platform.

Such vacancies in the West Midlands should be seen as an opportunity to participate in this noble service; contribution to content development. SEO helps as a search assistant on the internet, making learning easier.

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