Darzi Clothing Company
February 22, 2018

Client Name: TJ Vickers

Ad Page & Position Booked – Shropshire Star Home Takeover

Date ran – 21 July 2017

A stand out performer running throughout July was the TJ Vickers Suzuki Vitara campaign that ran on Shropshire Star Home Page.

Delivering 24,358 impressions, 405 clicks and an impressive CTR of 1.66%

The ad was clear and concise capturing the interest of the viewer ensuring they clicked through to the website to find out more about the product on offer. What particularly caught our eye was the client’s use of good positioning, bright colours and short text statements making great use of the of the ad space available, whilst also using a powerful image to make it really stand out from the crowd.


Testimonial from T.J. Vickers

Advertising has moved over to digital in a big way. The MNA network now enjoys huge digital site visitors and subscribers. It was important to TJ Vickers that we continued to advertise to our local customers in a format that is now the future - digital, for this reason our natural partner is the company that is most dominant in our area for news, MNA. This was made easy for us as we have benefitted from your digital knowledge. MNA digital’s Social Media package is very competitive and makes things very easy for us.

On the whole our Digital Advertising experience with MNA is fantastic - a one stop shop for Shropshire!

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