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Laurianne Dudgeon

Laurianne Dudgeon

Christmas has always been one of the biggest events in the business calendar. We know, you may think it is still too early to be thinking about that time of year, but right now is the best time to be planning for it with Google Ads.


80% of shoppers during the Christmas period are influenced by the internet, so how can businesses like you take advantage of this time of the year and get those sales through?


Your answer is Google Advertising. 


Advertise on Google

Google Ads will help get your business and website to page one of Google. This is where all of your prospective customers eyes will be looking, to see where they can click and find out more about your business or potential offers you have on. Not to mention, with Google Ads you can set a budget that suits you! 


Google also lets you target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don’t. When you advertise online with Google, you can use a wide range of different targeting methods to reach potential customers exactly when they’re searching for your products or services. 


You are able to reach your marketing goals with all of the different ad formats and features where you can customise your ads to stand out from the crowd, and during the Christmas period it’s the best time to be prominent and forefront of your customers Google search. Customisation is key.


How can you learn more? 

We have worked with many businesses on their Google Ads, and on October 24th, we will be holding a free webinar on How to maximise your Christmas sales with Google Ads, where our Senior PPC Manager, James Keeney-Wilson will cover everything you need to know, and how to target your audience during the busiest time of the year.


This event is perfect for businesses and individuals who want to get a head start on planning for Christmas, and for those who just simply want to understand how Google Advertising can benefit them. 


Come and join us for an insightful webinar, book your space now before it’s too late or see more on our PPC service.

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