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Key elements to successful social media advertising

With so many brands and services using paid social media advertising, it is no doubt becoming harder and harder for brands to stand out from the crowd, make noise and engage with their target audience. Capturing attention is proving to be more difficult and converting these customers into sales from advertising is even harder.

Why use ads on social media?

Social media platforms are a solid resource in creating awareness and sales. Your ads can be exposed to a large audience very quickly, you will have full control of your spending, how long you want the ad to be live, even being able to customise how your ad looks to the public. However, what comes along with sales is a strong social media advertisement with a hopeful ad spend. There are certain elements that you can take advantage of that are essential in creating social media advertising that will make you stand out from your competitors. So where do you start with advertising? How do you create a strong campaign?

Strong ad text

The text is one of the first things that people see whilst scrolling through their social networks. It is highly important to capture the users attention in the opening sentences of text. Build the attention at the very start then give a solution and mention your product or service. It doesn’t matter if you are creating text on a Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook advertising, strong ad text is important for all social media networks.

Adding questions or personalised touch to your text will help potential customers see that you are a business that they want to become involved with. After calling to the target market, providing solutions within your ad text will provoke them to click on your call to action within the advertising.

A compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

Following on from the previous element, a strong CTA will complement strong ad text. A CTA will be the last push towards your audience before taking action towards your ad. 

CTA’s can be very different and can push individuals to do something specific. This can be visiting your website, calling your organisation, or sending an email to a specific contact. If you are sending out more than one ad it is worth testing the different CTA’s within your ads to see which brings you the most clicks and engagement. For example, you can use “click here to visit our website” “click here to claim your offer” “learn more” “apply now” to bring you different results.

Captivating creative

An image or video needs to be strong within an advert as it is one of the most attention-grabbing aspects of ads. If it is not eye-catching enough, then it may cause the user to scroll past if it doesn’t grab them enough. The image included should not just be a static picture of a landscape or a logo, it needs to visually define your product and the service that you are offering.

It is worth noting that ads do not always run the same size. For example, Facebook ads will be a different size depending on if you make a story ad or a news feed ad. So it is always worth checking how they will look before you publish. For example, you do not only have to just use images, you can also use videos to help grab attention and spark curiosity. Incorporating brand colours into your ads on social networks will make ads stand out and be recognised. Lastly, it is best to keep your images and creative simple with not too much text on them as it may overwhelm and will not be clear to the user where to take the CTA. Strong imagery is a pivotal element of any social media advertising strategy.

What next?

These number of points once implemented thoroughly should help you stand out from the crowd. Keep them in mind and start using them to gain strong leads and engagement. Here at MNA Digital, we specialise in affordable and effective social media marketing. If you are looking for an agency that can deliver a bespoke solution for your business combining expertise in lead generation and creative social media campaigns then please click here to contact us.

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