How To Reach Your Local Online Audience.

Ant Chamberlin

Ant Chamberlin

Good news – this is the year of local! Here are our top tips on how to reach a local audience online.


The internet can make local businesses feel like they’re a tiny fish in a very, very big pond. But, good news – it is the year of local! Google is increasingly putting an importance on local search results, and it’s easier than ever to target a local audience with paid advertising. Here are our top tips on how to reach a local audience online.


1. Local SEO.


Google is putting more of a focus on local search, which means that as a local business you’ve got a great opportunity to take advantage of local SEO. The key ways to get your business noticed in local search is to produce local relevant content, ensure your business details are correct and accurate across your whole website and to set up a ‘Google My Business Listing’.


2. Targeted PPC.


There are three main ways to increase the clicks to your site from search engines: paid Search, local Search and organic Search. We covered local search above, but another way to boost your clicks for local searches is with targeted PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Unfortunately, PPC can be easy to get wrong, but one of the best ways to get it right is by targeting your campaigns. This is especially true if you don’t have a huge budget to play with.


The more locally relevant you can be with your advert groups and copy the better. Which means higher quality scores, higher click through rates, higher conversion rates. So, by targeting your local audience you’re more likely to make the most of your PPC budget.


3. Facebook Advertising.


As with paid search, Facebook Advertising allows you to tailor your adverts and target a local audience. As a local business, you can easily promote your business on Facebook. Facebook pretty much do all the hard work for you with their ‘Promote Your Business Locally’ option. All you need to do is set a budget, choose a photo the text you want to go with it.


You’ll even get the option to add map cards, a call to action and a ‘Get Directions’ button to your adverts, increasing the chance of your local audience engaging with your advertisements.


4. Online Listings and Reviews.

Building out a healthy portfolio of online listings and reviews is one aspect of local SEO but also vital for offering increased brand visibility.
By engaging with both positive and negative reviews as well as encouraging visitors and customers to leave ratings on Google and social media, you can show that your business is alert to customer interaction while getting the benefits of increased brand awareness.
5. Display Advertising.
Another way that many local businesses find success is with online display advertising, the digital equivalent of having your ad in the paper.
Whether you create one yourself or have someone design one for you, you can set these ads to run across a number of popular local sites that get a lot of daily viewers.
Display advertising is ideal for businesses that are running a promotion or special offer, allowing you to get a concise and focused message out to a local audience.It’s also versatile – with the option of running many different sizes in a number of positions around a single page.
As a local business you can benefit from Google’s increased interest in local. With a combination of great SEO, paid search, link building and social media marketing you can get your business noticed and reach a local audience online.
The team at MNA Media specialise in helping local businesses reach their digital marketing goals. To speak to a member of our team about how we can support you, simply call 01902 319 730 or fill out our contact form on our ‘Let’s Talk’ page.

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