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"65% of people click on Google Ads when
they're looking to buy something online"

(Wordstream, 2016)

Our Methodology

  • Keyword Research

  • Campaign Management

  • Landing Pages

  • Analytics

  • Optimisation

  • Tracking

Keyword Research

Our first port of call when setting up PPC campaigns is to research. We research your business, your competition and find out what users are looking for when searching for businesses like yours. Keyword research done well can provide you with an engaged audience, that are more likely to convert. We prioritise efforts and pick up trends to stay ahead of the curve, placing your ads in the right spot at the right cost.

Campaign Management

Each and every client of ours has a dedicated account manager who knows their business and campaigns inside out. Your account manager is the PPC executive that works on your account, so they have time dedicated to your business and are proactively looking for ways to improve your service and optimising your campaigns.

Landing Page Creation and Optimisation

An area that many SME's struggle with is to create relevant landing pages with well placed and meaningful calls to action that allows them to generate and track leads. We take this pressure from you with our design and content writing expertise to create relevant landing pages that assist in promoting conversions and increasing your ad relevance score.

Analytics and Tracking

An area that our clients really see value is reporting. They like to know what their campaigns are doing and how we're responding to make improvements. Our dedicated PPC executives manage your account and manage your expectations. You have constant access to your reports, including conversions, call tracking and this can all be linked up across platforms to your website, store and google analytics.


For it's many benefits, PPC is a challenging beast. Every decision you make at campaign, ad group and keyword level can effect your bottom line. It is important to ensure that your campaigns are structured effectively and optimised from day one. Without analysis of your PPC campaigns, you may never know why you're not performing as well as you should be.

We offer a completely FREE analysis of your paid search performance, suggesting changes to help you generate more traffic and ultimately more leads for your business. 

FREE PPC Estimate

Request your FREE personalised PPC estimate to see the benefits that paid search advertising could offer to your business.

Our FREE PPC estimate is a report outlining bespoke keywords to your business, curated by our in house PPC executives, designed to show you the benefits and projected results that you could see from a PPC campaign around your specified projected budget. 

Our Platform

We utilise an award winning platform with 24/7 keyword bid optimisation to manage our PPC clients, along with a highly skilled PPC executive account manager, making use of the best in programmatic optimisation and detailed consumer analytics to really drive home your businesses needs. 

One of the largest issues SME's have is a lack of tracking and feedback, which is why we also provide you with clear cut, jargon free reporting and analytics, so that you can understand how your campaigns are performing, at the click of a button.

Our Credentials

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