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Why "Get Leads?"

We know that for digital marketing to be successful for businesses, they need to have a clear goal to focus on. This goal for many businesses can be lead generation. Lead generation means different things to different businesses, for us, it means to help you fulfil your goal in a way that will give you the potential to generate more business.

You could do this by driving traffic to a web page, increasing e-commerce sales, growing an email list or encouraging a form submission where you gather potential customer data to follow up. Whilst it is important to get seen, you also need to have a strategy in place that will convert your new potential customers into paying clients. 

Our services help you to get solid leads who stay on page, submit your forms and buy your products and services

What are the tools that help?

We specialise in these three lead generation tools to help you create joined up digital marketing campaigns online. By making use of these lead generation techniques, you can start to fill shopping carts and inboxes with hot leads:

  • PPC
  • Landing Pages
  • Analytics and Call tracking

Get Leads

How can we help you Get Leads?

Low traffic to site
Vistiors not converting
Difficulty tracking lead generation
Pay Per Click Advertising
Google Shopping
Landing Pages
Analytics and Tracking


Pay Per Click advertising, more commonly known as PPC, is the internet marketing model of choice. 

It offers you the ability to create adverts that target specific audiences, with a budgeting system which charges you based on on how many people click. If no one clicks on your ad, you don’t pay a thing!

As a Google and Bing certified partner, we have qualified specialists who set up and manage your PPC campaigns.

We focus on a few main types of PPC to generate leads for your business:

  • Text Ads - Google And Bing Search networks
  • Shopping Ads - For Ecommerce Businesses
  • Social PPC
  • Remarketing - Targeting those whom have already shown an interest in your business
  • Display Advertising (link to display page)

(Search Engine Optimisation)

Improve your rankings, receive targeted traffic and generate leads through search engines with  SEO. 

We are a leading Wolverhampton based SEO company that increase your website's exposure by achieving higher ranking positions within search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Just think, whenever you're in the market for a product or service, unless it's a brand you know and usually buy from, where do you look? Your ranking position is often directly correlated to the volume of leads your business receives.  

SEO is the single most important element in your digital marketing repertoire, it is retained value in your site that will continue after you stop spending unlike PPC. 

With our understanding of the local SEO market, we can help you to dominate your marketplace and rise to the top of search engine results, all at affordable prices, with you and your business in mind. 


With our lead nurturing campaigns, it is essential to make sure those leads don’t turn cold. We use the latest software to set up dedicated analytics and tracking for your leads, so you know where they’ve come from and what they’re looking for.

Analytics are a crucial part in the ongoing optimisation of your digital marketing campaigns. If your website is struggling to convert, analytics will show you where, why and how to improve.

Digital marketing is a numbers game, the more data you have available to you, the more you know about the customers you’re attracting and the more you can tailor your online marketing strategies to ensure that you convert these potential customers into buying customers.

With ongoing optimisation, we make sure you get the most out of your budget to eliminate wasted spend.


Generating traffic to your website can be expensive, so it’s important to ensure it converts into leads. We provide a landing page designed to convert traffic into leads..

Your landing page is like your online sales representative; it's got to look the part, say the right thing and show understanding of what a customer wants in a good deal.

You need to carefully make sure the page's content, layout and product offer is the best it can be, so that leads will choose to buy instead of clicking away back to the site they found your advert on.

To make the perfect landing page can take a lot of thinking, and requires experience to hit the right spot with a given customer base. That's where we step in.

With our understanding of web user behaviour, web design skills and access to a variety of specialist analytical tools, we can set up the best landing pages for your adverts..

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