Grow Your Business Online Free Digital Marketing Event - September 2019 MNA Digital - Matthew Fowell Head of Paid Search Presenting

Firms take advantage of free digital advice

About 30 businesses were represented at a free digital workshop.

Digital marketing experts from MNA Digital shared their knowledge to help guests increase understanding and awareness of the benefits of this discipline in order to boost their businesses.

MNA Digital’s latest event focussed on paid search, specifically Google Adwords, and was held at Hadley Park Hotel in Telford.

The team has already successfully launched a series of free workshops that have been well attended by businesses from Shropshire and the Black Country.

Topics covered at the event in Telford included creating an effective social presence, using SEO and Adwords correctly, and improving websites.

The session was led by Matthew Fowell, head of paid search at MNA Digital.

One of the attendees was personal trainer Stuart Henderson who launched his Telford-based business, Ideal Fitness in 2009, after recovering from a serious car accident in which he broke his back.

Mr Henderson said: “I want to expand my business and I want to find out how I can get out there in the digital world.

“I’m already out there in the digital world but it’s not my field of expertise.

“I want to find out from the experts what I’m doing right at the moment and what I can do to further that and make myself more relevant. Today has been fantastic. I realise I need to go back and have a look at my website and take things from there.”

Claire Roche is a qualified counsellor, Reiki master and yoga instructor, who is looking to relocate her business from Australia to the region.

Claire, who runs Infinity Healing, said: “I have received lots of information which is very useful and I know what I need to do going forward.

Grow Your Business Online Free Digital Marketing Event - September 2019 MNA Digital - Matthew Fowell Head of Paid Search

“I’m from here originally and have been living over there the last 14 years so I’ve come home basically.”

Event organiser Natalie Coughlan, digital sales campaign manager for MNA Digital, said: “The event was really successful and we have received positive feedback from attendees.

“Google advertising can be confusing but Matthew Fowell has years of experience and was able to provide practical advice and tips which I think everyone found useful.

“For anyone unsure how to grow their business online I’d recommend starting with a free website health check which we offer at”

This article first appeared in the Shropshire Star and was written by business editor James Pugh. You can view the original here. 

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