What is display advertising?

Display ads are the boxes on websites that are obviously advertising. They can be along the top of web pages such as the traditional banner ad, or the larger text billboard, they can also be videos. These types of ads appear on distinct sections of the site that are specifically reserved for paid advertising and are aimed at generating a quick conversion.

The wider banner ads generally perform better than their tall, narrow counterparts. According to Google, the most effective display ads are 336×280 or 300×250 pixel rectangles, 300×600 pixel half-page ads, and 728×90 or 320×110 pixel banners.

The MNA offers display advertising within it’s network, we have the most engaged local audience in the region and can help to put you in front of your ideal customers, in a cost effective manner.

display advertising

Why advertise with the MNA?

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Our Visitors Stay On Site

Less Than1% Bounce Rate

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Our Packages

Run Of Site

From £35

Not targetable by section


From £100

Per Month

Video Display

From £60

Video production not included

Page Takeover

From £145

Other ad formats available
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