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Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business

After another fantastic year helping businesses to make an impression online, the team at MNA Digital are excitedly looking ahead to 2020. 

Passionate about the services they provide, the team are committed to offering the best in digital marketing solutions to all of their clients, and with this are delighted to share some top tips for the coming year. 

Online reviews are increasingly important, says Natalie Coughlan, digital sales campaign manager

 “Online reviews can sometimes be seen as a ‘nice to have’ but actually with the way people buy nowadays, getting feedback from your customers can really help drive sales and boost your online presence,” she says. 

“Google recently made a change to its algorithm, where it placed increased importance on your website’s expertise, authority, and trust. Your business’s ‘trust rating’ is influenced by online reviews of your business. 

“A recent study by Podium suggested that 82% of consumers read a review before making a decision to buy and 93% of people’s purchasing decisions are impacted by online reviews. 

“Online reviews matter and not only help your rank in search engines but also increase lead generation and convert sales. “So if you’re looking to grow your business online we’d definitely recommend having a focus on generating online reviews.” 

You can read more about why online reviews matter here.

Quality content is still king, says Mihnea Gămulescu, head of Bigkid Midlands, who work in partnership with MNA Digital. 

“Website content has been ‘king’ for many years now, however, what this really means is that good, useful, high-quality content should form the foundation of your SEO efforts. 

“To ensure high-quality content, consider the following. Ensure your content is informative; link to other pages on your site when relevant; use images and video; clearly structure your content by using subheadings or graphics where required.” 

Protect your brand with paid search, says Matthew Fowell, head of paid search at MNA Digital. 

“When we set up a Google Ads account, we often create a brand campaign which focuses specifically on the company’s name only,” adds Matthew. 

“Business owners ask why they should pay for clicks on their own brand – ‘won’t we be found in the organic search results anyway?’ 

“The answer is yes, they most likely will. However, it’s your competitors you need to be wary of, as they will typically target your brand name in their campaigns, in an attempt to take business away from you. 

All ads are shown above the organic results, therefore your competitor will be seen above you even when people type in your company name! 

“The other benefit of protecting your brand with Google Ads is that you are then eligible to show twice – in the ads, and in the organic results, which means that you are shown twice within the top half of the search results page.” 

Ready to make an impression online? Get started today and you’ll get £75 off your first month of digital marketing. This offer includes web design, paid search, SEO and online review management. For more information get in touch here or speak to the team on 01902 319 730

This article originally appeared in ‘Made In The Midlands’ winter edition. You view a digital version of the magazine here. 

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