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Email Marketing

Why your email address is costing you business.

MNA Digital take a look at why your email address is costing you business and how you quickly and cheaply fix it.

When you’re running a business, your biggest concern is looking after your customers and bringing in new business. Quite rightly too. Do you really need to worry about something as minor as your email address? The short answer is yes, because your email address is costing you business.

With the help of the team at MNA Digital, you can get set up a company email address for free when we design your website. To speak to our team about setting up a company email address simply call 01902 319 730 or request a call back here.

First impressions count

First impressions count. Having an email like bigdave@hotmail.co.uk doesn’t really scream professional, and could be stopping your potential customers actually getting in touch.

You might be surprised to hear that consumers are 9x more likely to do business with a company that uses a business email address, than companies that don’t.

Let’s run through a little scenario…

I’ve just spotted your company, whether that’s through an advert, leaflet etc. Your products and services sound great and I want to get in touch. But, hold on – you want me to contact you via a personal email address?

Well I’m now doubting how legit your business actually is. Are you trustworthy, how long have you been running, how professional are you?

Best case scenario, I decide to give you a chance. Worst case I look elsewhere and go with a competitor. All because of something as simple as your email address.

Your emails are marked as spam

With internet security more important than ever, many organisations are blocking emails that come from personal email addresses. If you are still using a personal email address, you’ll probably find that those lovely emails you sent are going straight to junk.

A business email address, you and your business are instantly more recognisable and seen as your business is credible and well established. Not just to your customers, but also to your customers’ spam filters!

no junk mail on lettebox

Setting up a business email address

You really are making life harder for yourself by not getting a company branded email address. Something which, in the grand scheme of things, is low cost and easy to do!

There are a number of ways you can set up a business email address. It all depends on what you need, the size of your business and whether you already have a business domain registered.

Here at MNA Digital we work closely with local businesses to improve their performance online. To ensure you get the most out of their digital marketing, all of our customers get a free company email address when they’re website is designed with MNA Digital.

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