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Why join the Black Country Chamber of Commerce?

As a local business owner, why should you join the Black Country Chamber of Commerce? 

Finding support in the Black Country business sector can be difficult. Many local business owners, quite rightly, take pride in their self-made success, but understand that further growth requires being open to help and guidance from outside. 

At some stage, they have to be willing to cooperate and collaborate with a third party of some kind, be it an investor, a partner in a joint venture or something as simple as extra training and qualifications.

Another way of getting support is through the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). They are a non-profit organisation that protects and lobbys for 92,000 businesses across the UK, with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce being our local contingent.

What does the Black Country Chamber of Commerce do?

If you work in the public sector, as a teacher wants to question changes to their timetable, or a doctor who wants to update their patient database software, you can find support and advice from your union. What support system do independent Black Country business owners have, if they need to voice industry concerns or make a request? They have the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

How do you join the Black Country Chamber of Commerce?

Like unions, business owners need to register as a member. They then join a community of thousands of other businesses, ranging in industry, sector and size.

What do I get from being a Black Country Chamber of Commerce member?

“Giving businesses support” is a broad definition of what the BCC does for its members, with a spectrum of services offered to meet a multitude of needs that many businesses will have. To give a brief overview, we’ve compiled “the ABC of BCC”, illustrating the three key areas that BCC give the most support to.


Membership gives businesses a boost to their brand, with the BCC being emblematic of community, legitimacy and leadership. Being active alongside other local businesses demonstrates your commitment to the local economy, to the working rights of business owners and their staff, and the wider implications on local business to the Black Country.


As a member you have exclusive access to business-related discounts - including airport charges, book-keeping software, energy solutions, insurance and telecoms – as well as employee-based perks for supermarkets, tech purchases and hotel packages. You also have access to secondary support, such as legal advice, funding opportunities available in the Black Country and bid tendering services.


A business is only as strong as the connection it makes. The more loyal a customer base you have, and the more stable, regular investors you have, the more likely your business is going to thrive. Joining a group of multiple local businesses presents many opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures, as well as cross-sector marketing and advertising.

There are many more areas of business where the Black Country Chamber of Commerce can offer insight, including international trade and building your market share. If you’d like to look further into what the Black Country Chamber of Commerce could do for you, visit www.blackcountrychamber.co.uk, or to do more research into the BCC as a whole, visit www.britishchambers.org.uk

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