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Google Posts is here for all local businesses.

Google Posts is now available for any small business that uses the Google My Business (GMB) platform. 

In the past, Google Posts was always confined to a limited number of users groups but not anymore! Now, any small business that uses the Google My Business (GMB) platform can get involved.

As of this month, Google has officially rolled out Google Posts to small businesses, giving you the chance to promote events, products and services directly on to Google Search results and Google Maps.

Originally launching in January 2016, Google Posts was designed for political candidates to post content for related search queries. Since them, the platform has expanded, slowly drip-fed to certain users before the full launch this month.

The features is located within your Google My Business account and found by clicking 'Posts' on the left-hand side. It uses a very simple interface that allows you to quickly create eye-catching and informative posts that will then appear in Google Search and Maps.

But that's not all. You can even choose from a range of options for your customer to perform, whether that's signing up for a newsletter, learning more about your special offers or even making a reservation at your restaurant with one click.

These calls to action stand out and really give your post a solid focus for potential customers.

example of google posts

With Google Posts providing such a visual and powerful way of advertising special offers, it's becoming even more vital that your business uses the Google My Business platform.

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