Being mobile friendly – How to keep up & why you need to.

It’s more important than ever for your website to be friendly, but how can you keep up and why do you need to?

Mobile is overtaking desktop, is your business keeping up? Andy Hill, Managing Director of MNA Digital takes a look at how mobile usage has changed and how you can make sure your business is mobile friendly.

Mobile phones are a fixture of the modern world, with internet browsing on the move dominating life seemingly wherever you turn. As a society, we are addicted. On average people check their mobile phone more than 200 times per day.

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A recent survey of millennials concluded that they would rather lose their sense of smell than be without their smartphone. Whereas eight years ago the majority of web users viewed content via a desktop PC, internet growth is being driven by the rapid increase in mobile usage.

Traffic from mobile devices accounts for 62% of all visitors to the Express & Star website, the largest that my business MNA Digital manages. With online shopping in the UK up 16% to £130bn in 2016, much of this was fuelled by a 47% increase in “m-commerce” via smartphones, which shows no sign of slowing.

This rapid rate of increase creates some challenges for all of us operating in the digital sphere. We have to optimise our sites for mobile, where there is less space to present content.

Users have a shorter attention span and will not tolerate slow sites or those with a poor user experience.

Optimising for mobile is a priority

According to Google people are five times more likely to leave a site that is not optimised for mobile. Optimising your website is a priority for any organisation using digital marketing, as it lays the foundations for your digital approach.

Your audience will increasingly be accessing your site on a mobile so it is vital it is optimised for these devices, typically via a responsive design which changes shape and priority according to the handset. Google has introduced mobile specific search results to cater for this growing audience.

Having a website that Google considers is not optimised for mobile will have a negative effect on how your site ranks in its results.

How to check if your website is mobile friendly

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There are lots of free online tools to diagnose the quality of your online presence. To see how your website performs on mobile, I would recommend a great free Google check which can be found here. It will highlight any obvious performance issues and give you information to improve it.

You receive scores for mobile friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed and they will send you a free report with more detailed analysis. Getting people’s attention can be difficult while they are glued to their phones. Making sure your website is optimised for mobile will make it easier.

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