Responsive Website Design

What Is a Responsive Website and Why Do I Need One?

Not sure what a responsive website is? Here's our jargon free explanation 

When your website is responsive it doesn’t just make the user experience better, it also makes your business more trustworthy, increases your authority and raises your standing with both customer and search engines.

Can you remember the last time you viewed a website on your phone or tablet and it just didn't look right? Maybe some of the text was chopped off or part of the layout was missing? That was because the website wasn't responsive.

So, what makes a website responsive?

It all comes down to the design. Responsive web design is the method of creating a site that works across any screen, whether it's your desktop PC, a laptop, phone or tablet. 

Responsively designed websites help the user easily navigate each page, adjusting everything from the layout of the page to the size of the text. When your website is properly responsive, everyone from traditional web browsers to mobile users can see it all its glory.

This is generally achieved by using fluid layouts, adaptive images and media queries to create a full, adaptive website. Most of this requires more advanced web design skills so it's worth considering a professional web design agency or designer to help. 

Do I need a responsive website?

In a nutshell, yes.

It's no secret that mobile browsing is on the rise. Research by Google Partners has shown that over 50% of consumers now perform an online search on their mobile device each day. 

Additionally, in a recent study by Tyton Media, 94% of people cited the design as a reason they may have mistrusted or rejected a website entirely.

A responsively designed site can even help increase sales and engagement (by up to 62% according to eConsultancy).

future proof, working across all current and future devices thanks to the nature of the code it utilises.

It also offers much better search engine optimisation and much less work than utilising a unique, specifically mobile website alongside the desktop version. 

At this point in time, having a responsive website is almost a necessity. By converting your site today, you can ensure that you're ready for the future.  

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