6 Great Examples of Personalised Emails You Should Be Using

6 Great Examples of Personalised Emails You Should Be Using

Let's get personal

So your brand is interested in email marketing. It's something every business will come across at one point or another when discussing their marketing strategy and when used in the right way, it's an incredibly powerful tool.

Ignore what you've heard about email being dead and replaced by social. Email isn't dead, it's just getting harder to grab a customer's attention when the average browser will receive around 90 emails a day.

Most people find going through their inbox an annoying task, with Litmus reporting only 21% of consumers felt they'd received a memorable email in the past few months.
If your brand is going to stand out, you need to be part of that 21%.

There's a few ways to achieve this but one of the best is email personalisation, a strategy that allows you to engage with the reader and build brand loyalty via online content.

The way in which you add that personal touch is down to you but below you'll find a few general tips that are good for any brand looking to start utilising personalised emails.

Find your voice

All brands have a voice. It's the quickest way of engaging with their target audience, building relationships and ensuring loyalty. Whether you're a start-up or a huge name in your field, it's important your online content has a character that resonates with your users.

Subject lines, they're important

First impressions are important, as the old saying goes. Your subject line is your first impression, if it's engaging and gets the point across the better chance you'll have of a user clicking.

Build a strong CTA

A great example reminds you of the value of their offer alongside building urgency, meaning you're more inclined to keep using their service. Build value and give your consumer a clear idea of the next step.

Make your users feel important

A great way of building loyalty is to make your customers feel exclusive or special. Exclusivity can keep your customer base coming back for more and achieving it over email isn't as hard as it seems. Examples of this approach would be using phrases such as 'be the first to get access' or 'as one of our best customers'.

Use analytics to build suggestions

Our final tip relies on data to achieve that personal touch. This approach is used to great effect by brands such as Netflix and Twitter, who regularly send emails to users suggesting great new TV shows to watch or accounts to follow. This type of personalisation in an email is fantastic in that it uses a variety of the tips mentioned above. By providing a personal suggestion they're making you feel exclusive, demonstrating the value of their service and thus ensuring users continue to pay. 

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