5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Advertising On LinkedIn MNA DIGITAL MARKETING

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Advertising On LinkedIn

Since it launched in 2003, LinkedIn has become the number one site for professional networking.

So, its not surprising that so many B2B businesses are keen to spend a portion of their marketing budget on advertising through LinkedIn. The platform currently has 760 million registered members from 150 countries, each one able to connect with others and create business relationships.

Alex McDougall, senior paid search account manager at MNA Digital, said businesses see a lot of success when they advertise on LinkedIn. “It works brilliantly for our B2B clients that are looking to increase their online presence, while attracting new clients,” he says. “We can target your advert at different users depending on their industry or company size, you can also aim it at people with certain job titles such as ‘HR manager’ or ‘CEO’.

“We can even target specific companies or types of people – the impact for B2B businesses is just massive. We’ve seen that, during the pandemic, businesses are looking at different ways of attracting new clients – with so many benefits to advertising on LinkedIn it’s definitely something they should have in their marketing plan.”

Here are 5 benefits of advertising on LinkedIn:

1, LinkedIn is the number one social platform for professional users

Out of all the many social media platforms the one that is tuned to the needs of business users is LinkedIn. In fact, we can go one better and say that LinkedIn is the only true professional social platform.  Its users are attracted to content that matches their career interests and professional profile, which is why LinkedIn advertising can be so beneficial.

TOP TIP: Get to know your market and tailor your advert to them. LinkedIn users are often keen on industry news and increasing their skills and knowledge.

2, LinkedIn allows you to target by professional profile

Most other social platforms offer users a fairly generalised, unfocussed audience often based on age or geographic area. However, LinkedIn offers advertisers a more relevant and targeted audience. This often leads to a direct connection to the decision makers within a company, who have the final say.  LinkedIn allows you to target by industry type, degree attained, skill set, company size and name, job title and function.

TOP TIP: Think about your target audience. LinkedIn’s advertising features allow you to exclude certain audiences and this means less irrelevant click traffic.

3, LinkedIn gives better conversion rates

Because LinkedIn can accurately deliver your message to the right prospects and audience, it naturally generates a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate. LinkedIn’s competitive advantage is that it is a professional networking site, which is something the other platforms cannot compete with. High audience quality is crucial to turn into high quality leads and new business wins.

TOP TIP: You may pay more for ad clicks and impressions on LinkedIn but low-cost leads can cost you more time, effort, and money in the long run.

4, Customise your budget to your business

Traditional advertising channels usually require you to pay an upfront payment, but offer no guarantees of how your ad will perform. The advantage of advertising on LinkedIn is that you can be in control of your advert to help your team maximise results. One of the key measures of success is return on investment, so its good to keep an eye on this.

TOP TIP: Adjust your budget and bids according to how the campaign is performing. This gives you an active role in your campaign.

5, LinkedIn allows a variety of ads from images to video

Advertising on LinkedIn gives you many options from text and images to video. You can also use different formats such as carousel ads and email advertisements. The different types of adverts include sponsored content or emails, there are also video, text, dynamic and carousel ads.

TOP TIP: Do your research beforehand because each advert type offers different benefits. Also, you can always change your campaign to a different ad type when needed.

Alex said there are a number of steps they take clients through when they are looking at advertising on LinkedIn. “Firstly we work with a client to identify who their audience is – it could be an industry or a certain job title,” he says. “We can then create landing pages on websites, so that when someone clicks through from the advert they go through to a page with all the relevant information.

“LinkedIn advertising is great for lead generation because it provides you with the profile information of those people that enquire into your business – so straight away you can see a person’s name, where they work and their job title. With different ad options available we are able to help clients select which one suits their campaign, design it for them and monitor its progress.”

To speak to one of our LinkedIn experts call MNA Digital on 01902 214 098 or email request a call back here.

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