5 common marketing mistakes and how to fix them.

Have you jumped straight into the digital marketing of your small business? Are things not really working out but you’re not sure why? There’s a good chance you’re experiencing one of the common problems we’ve listed below.

You don’t have an overall strategy or you have unrealistic goals

Chess board

It’s not just small businesses that are guilty of this. A lot of companies will realise they need to start ‘marketing’ and will jump straight in, not thinking about the big picture along the way.

This type of thinking can often result in your efforts going to waste, with missing processes, inconsistent results and potentially the wrong type of leads coming your way. A scattered approach to marketing is one of the quickest ways to waste money for your business.

By setting up a thorough and full marketing strategy, you can deliver an engaging message regularly, targeting the right people at the right time. You can also map this strategy to your goals and begin to understand what is seeing success in the grand scheme of things.

Failing to measure activity and success

This is one of the simplest actions you can take when it comes to your marketing but is often overlooked. Many businesses get so caught up in pushing out content that they forget to check and analyse how their current marketing is performing.

This refinement stage is vital to finding out what is having the most success, what needs to be got rid of and what just needs a bit of tweaking.

Always take the time to analyse your marketing!

A lack of consistency

Consistency is key in marketing, in terms of both frequency and message.

You need to commit to your strategy and stick with it so you can gather tangible results that can be analysed.

Too many SME’s jump from one marketing approach to another, never settling on one idea. This approach can once again result in wasted spend, as the wrong people are potentially targeted at the wrong time by irrelevant messaging.

It’s important to stick with your strategy and refine it over time. Marketing is often a slow burn process that needs to be allowed room to develop. Find your voice, spread your message but keep it consistent!

Trying to be everywhere at once on Social Media

Social Media platforms

Social Media is a great way of developing very cost-effective marketing. If you can build a responsive audience that is willing to engage with you as a business, you’ve got the foundations for an excellent marketing channel.

The problem many SME’s face is that they feel the need to cover EVERY single platform they can find. It’s highly likely that your audience isn’t going to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat in equal proportion.

You might find that your audience mainly uses Facebook. If that’s the case, put all of your efforts into this one platform. Your audience will thank you for the increased focus, you’ll save resources that can be used elsewhere and you don’t have to worry about updating 6 different social media timelines each day.

If your userbase does use several different platforms and you want to make a significant impact, consider enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency or at least making use of social media management software/apps.

You’re experiencing marketing ‘tunnel vision’

Tunnel Vision

While many SME’s will attempt the ‘scattergun approach’ mentioned above, many others develop ‘tunnel vision’, focusing on one campaign and throwing all their resources into it.

While we’re all for focused and targeted marketing, it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket from the beginning, especially if you haven’t used the marketing method or tried the campaign before.

It can be a great idea to start with several, very small campaigns and see how they perform before you decide where to put your money. Start off small and grow the campaigns that offer positive results.

Once again, this fits into the idea of refinement and analysis, possibly the most important area of marketing to consider.

With these in mind, you can allow your marketing to flourish. While the tips here may seem obvious or basic, every business, big or small, will inevitably fall into one of these traps. By ensuring you have the right foundations, you can guarantee astrong marketing campaign in the future.

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